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Accelerating skill performance

The right insight at the right time

Learning-based Solutions

Elipsys blends performance tracking technology with evidence-based learning models to provide players, coaches, and teams with the unique performance solutions that accelerate skill learning.

See what you’ve been missing

The Quiet Eye ®

Elite players see the right things at the right time. And 25 years of research shows us that the key to great shooting is in the eyes. Quiet Eye® is what sets the best shooters apart from the pack. 

For the first time, we’re making QE assessments and training available to players who want to optimize their vision and take their game to new levels.

Gaze of an 88% FT shooter

Gaze of a 55% FT Shooter

To learn more about Quiet Eye in Basketball Shooting, download our free eBook here:

How it works

Complete the Shooting Puzzle

If you’re only practicing your technique, you’re missing out. We use the latest eye tracking technology and our scientifically proven approach to test, analyze, and train your vision. With our system, you’ll see a new side of your game.


Measure vision on-court with our Elipsys Core Shooting Assessment.


Uncover hidden insight and performance tendencies.


Personalized feedback to pinpoint high-impact opportunities.


Individual training & support to optimize vision performance.

Are you ready for the next step?

Elipsys can help you

We work with players, coaches, and teams to give them new insight and solutions that elevate their game. 

Contact us directly at to explore how we can help you optimize your vision.

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